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Some of the necessary accessories needed to care for and maintain your hearing system may be provided by your hearing care provider as part of your hearing system purchase. Others you may need to purchase separately.


Hearing devices require a power source to function. Unless your hearing devices use some type of rechargeable technology, you’re going to need an ongoing supply of disposable hearing instrument batteries.

Hearing system batteries are available in four different sizes. From smallest to largest, these are: 10, 312, 13 and 675. Your hearing aids will run on one of these specific types of batteries, and your hearing care provider will usually provide a small number of batteries to get you started.  Batteries use a standardized color coding system to help ensure you get the right type.

  • Size 10 = yellow package

  • Size 312 = brown package

  • Size 13 = orange package

  • Size 675 = blue package

Always carry spare batteries with you so you’re prepared for your day and can keep your hearing devicess running without interruption. Also, because batteries are an ongoing purchase, ask your provider about any battery clubs or mail order programs that can make battery purchases convenient and economical.

Cleaning tools

Regular cleaning, along with routine maintenance from your hearing care provider will keep your hearing instruments working reliably and will extend their useful life. These are the most common tools to use for everyday cleaning.

  • Hearing device cleaning brush: The soft brush tip end cleans the body, faceplate or sound port of a hearing device. Some brushes have a magnetic battery removal tool to ease daily cleaning of aids.

  • Wax pick or wire loop: This tool is designed to help remove wax and other debris safely from hearing device nooks and holes.

  • Multitool: These all-in-one tools are versatile because they contain both a brush and a wax loop for thorough cleaning.

  • Hearing system case: Most hearing healthcare professionals provide a protective case for hearing systems so you can carry them with you safely and store them at night when not in use.

Optional hearing supplies

While batteries and cleaning equipment are essentials for every hearing instrument wearer, these optional accessories might make caring for your devices easier or help you get more benefit from them.

  • Hearing system dehumidifier or Dry & Store unit: If you perspire heavily, live in a humid climate or enjoy lots of outdoor activity that might expose your hearing devices to damaging moisture, these accessories can help.

Basic dehumidifiers use a desiccant to draw out moisture overnight. The desiccant will last a long time with regular reactivation. Some desiccants are contained in a soft pouch that can be reactivated in the microwave oven for about 1 minute. Others are housed in a metal tin that can be placed in an oven heated to 325° for about 30 minutes.

The more sophisticated Dry & Store unit is a small electronic device that uses UV light to dry and sanitize hearing instruments overnight. These are available for purchase online or through your hearing care professional.